Barry Gott has been illustrating children’s books and writing/illustrating greeting cards since the 20th century. He loves visiting schools to share his love of reading, drawing, and cafeteria tater tots.

Barry Gott

Barry Gott


book cover Trucks Zooming By

TRUCKS ZOOMING BY (2019): A young girl dreams of being a truck driver one day—just like her mom and dad. From sunup to sundown, they drive over city streets, busy highways, and country roads. On one special day, she joins them and gets to see all different kinds of trucks zooming by! (Ages 4-8)

book cover Dino Halloween

DINO-HALLOWEEN (2019): Trick or treat! Join your favorite dinosaurs as they visit a haunted house, carve pumpkins, make costumes, and more! Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott come together again to show how these fun-loving dinos celebrate Halloween. (Ages 4-8)

book cover Dino Christmas

DINO-CHRISTMAS (2018): Have yourself a merry Dino-Christmas! Dinos big and small deck the halls and enjoy snowball fights, hot cocoa, a parade, and more. Share in the dinosaurs’ delight as they eagerly await the arrival of everyone’s favorite… Santa Claws!

book cover Honk! Splat! Vroom!

HONK! SPLAT! VROOM! (2018): Speeding along in a road race determined to be the first one to cross the finish line, five rival mice are challenged by a series of obstacles, from mud puddles to a hungry cat, before they are assisted by a friendly goose. (Ages 4-8)

Book cover Dino Dancing

DINO-DANCING (2017): The Paleo Theater is packed with cheering fans ready for a dance showdown. When the beat drops, can Triceratops win over the judges with his pop and lock? Can Allo’s on-pointe ballet moves dominate the solo category? And will Maia and Stego take home the top prize for their sizzling salsa steps? This prehistoric dance competition will keep you on the edge of your seat! (Ages 4-8)