How Did Ohio Influence the Outcome of WWII? | Ohio Book Talks

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When World War II engulfed the nation, the men, women, and corporations of Akron, Ohio, dutifully played their part in the epic struggle. Author Tim Carroll will discuss how Ohio contributed to the war effort, which is the subject of his new book WORLD WAR II AKRON (The History Press, 2019). This lecture and conversation will be held via Zoom meeting.

Keyes Beech ducked grenades as marines raised the American flag at on Iwo Jima. Newspaper magnate John S. Knight watched the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri just five months after his son was killed in Germany. On the homefront, Goodyear manufactured blimps used to hunt down Nazi submarines, and noted Beacon Journal cartoonist Web Brown pledged his talent and his pen to boosting morale at home and abroad. Replete with more than one hundred images, including many of Brown’s wartime drawings, WORLD WAR II AKRON recalls all that Akron gave for freedom.

Join us for the Ohio Book Talks free lecture and conversation held on Zoom on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

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Ohio Book Talks free lecture and conversation will be held on Zoom.

Don’t forget to register for the book discussion and order your signed book!

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021
6:30-7:30 PM
How did Ohio influence the outcome of WWII?
with author Tim Carroll

Ohio Book Talks is a new series of author-led discussions of new books covering different periods in Ohio history. Each program will be held online via Zoom meeting and will feature a short lecture from the author followed by a discussion and Q&A with the audience. Programs are presented by Buckeye Book Fair with the support of Ohio Humanities.




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Discussion Questions

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1. Why did America start the first peacetime draft in American History in October of 1940? Who was the United States preparing to fight?

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2. When America began drafting fathers in 1943, what was the age range? At least 192 Akron fathers were killed in action–were they all drafted?

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3. The draft age was lowered to 18 for the first time in the 20th century in early 1943. Why was this controversial, and what nickname did Americans give the drafting of 18 and 19 year old men?

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4. The majority of American soldiers killed in World War II were killed in what 12 month time frame known as the deadliest year in World War II Akron?

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5. Around 12% of American soldiers died in the United States during World War II. What was the most common cause of death?

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6. Akron is well-known for being home to the Goodyear blimp. What were they used for during WWII? In what other ways did Akron uniquely contribute to the war effort?