Knight, Mary

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Mary Knight was born and raised in Cincinnati and after receiving her BA in English at Denison University in Granville, she worked as a children’s librarian at the Granville Public Library. After graduating in 2013 from Spalding University’s MFA program in Writing, Mary completed her middle grade novel, Saving Wonder. She now lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

 Speaking Engagements

 Mary discusses her book and life as a writer and how words have the power to create a better world. Saving Wonder is a Choose to Read Ohio selection for 2019-2020. Audience: Youth. 

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SAVING WONDER (2016): When a new coal boss moves to Wonder Gap, Kentucky, twelve-year-old Curley Hines must find the way to rally his friends and use the words his papaw has given him to save his mountain. Saving Wonder is a rich, lyrical, and transporting tale about friendship, the power of words, and the difficult hurdles we must overcome for the people and places we love. (Ages 9-12)


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