Lange, Dave

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For most of his post-war life, Dave Lange was editor of the weekly Chagrin Valley Times and its sister publications, the Solon Times and the Geauga Times Courier. The Times was honored with the Ohio Newspaper Association’s General Excellence Award as the state’s best weekly newspaper 19 times during his 25 years of leadership. Lange was named the best columnist among all Ohio newspapers in 2011 by the Cleveland Press Club and has received numerous Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards for editorial and column writing.

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VIRGINITY LOST IN VIETNAM (2018): In 1969, one of countless 19-year olds, eager and fearful, deployed toVietnam. What Dave Lange experienced in his rambunctious adolescence, his tour with the US Navy riverine forces, and his re-acclimation into civilian life form a unique coming-of-age story during one of the most tumultuous eras in American history.

 As the double-entendre title suggests, Virginity Lost in Vietnam is about more than just the war in Southeast Asia. Lange draws heavily on the adventures and frustrations of male pubescence, and a culture largely shaped by drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. This story also provides insight into America’s social fabric, woven and tangled by persistent racial and political issues. Ultimately, a kid from an all-white, working-class neighborhood gains an appreciation of the true brotherhood of all races as well as the disconnection of the powerful from the unprivileged.


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