About Allison & Wayne Marks: English majors who met in a college Chaucer class, husband and wife Wayne and Allison Marks share a love for words and revel in a tale well-told. They enjoy spinning tales from the porch of their 100-year-old home in Akron, Ohio, where they raised twins, Elliott and Claire.

Wayne and Allison Marks

Wayne and Allison Marks


book cover Og's Ark

OG’S ARK (2016): In “Og’s Ark”, Og the giant is so big that no bed is large enough or strong enough to hold him. He’s never able to get a good night’s sleep laying on the hard ground, and each night of tossing and turning makes him groggier and grumpier. But all the animals know he has a gentle heart, and they gather around him every night looking for a safe place to rest. After noticing how kindly Og treats the animals, a man named Noah asks for Og’s help, and Og finally gets a good night’s sleep.

 Og, the last of the giants, is based on the biblical character Og, the King of Bashan. It is said that, due to his enormous size, Og was unable to fit into the ark so he survived the Great Flood by holding onto the roof. “Og’s Ark” blends the tale of Noah and the Flood with the biblical reference to the giant’s bed. (Ages 4-8)