We’re Hiring!

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Buckeye Book Fair Announces Transition & Employment Opportunity

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After 16 years at the helm of Buckeye Book Fair, longtime Executive Director Julia Wiesenberg is stepping into a new role.

Julia has joined the Kent State University Press as their new Marketing and Sales Manager. In addition, Julia has been elected as a Trustee to the board of Trustees of Buckeye Book Fair.

“I look forward to working along with the board to help ensure a seamless transition in leadership and for the continuity of the annual book fair. I believe that books change lives—through exploration, through enrichment, through enjoyment. It’s been an honor to work with authors to promote books and reading and I’m excited about this next chapter for the organization,” said Wiesenberg.

Julia was instrumental in overseeing numerous initiatives in the growth of the Buckeye Book Fair including author lectures, student workshops, and literacy awards.

The board of Trustees recognizes Julia’s many contributions to Buckeye Book Fair during her tenure as Executive Director. From creating new programming to establishing the first virtual Buckeye Book Fair and online bookstore, she has provided great leadership to the organization. We are pleased to welcome Julia to the board of Trustees and look forward to engaging in a productive search for a new Executive Director, said Steve Badman, President, Buckeye Book Fair Board of Trustees.

The 2021 Buckeye Book Fair is scheduled for an in-person event on Friday and Saturday, November 5-6, 2021, in Wooster, Ohio.

More information about the Executive Director position can be found HERE. Those interested are encouraged to apply by May 14, 2021.