I am pleased to welcome you to Ohio’s 2023 Buckeye Book Fair! Your 2023 Author Registration Form is received and confirmed.  This email will outline a few details and we’ll work through your questions as they arise.  Thank you in advance for your kindness as we venture together toward our beloved family reunion.

The 36th Annual Buckeye Book Fair is Saturday, November 4, 2022, from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM at Greystone Event Center in Wooster, Ohio (Click here for directions).  

The Buckeye Book Fair authors and illustrators are Ohio natives, residents, have significant ties to Ohio, or have a book on an Ohio topic.  Your registration confirms this!  We are a literacy charity and our goal is to connect you with Ohio readers. This event kicks off our literacy programs for the entire year!  Thank you for participating!

In lieu of a table fee our charity requests five complimentary copies of your book to share for promotion of you and/or sell at our Fair. As you know, over the years we have preferred working with traditional publishers. Our review committee has hesitated to include self-published or on-demand titles. Authors, Illustrators, and Indie-Press owners must agree to the Book Fair’s terms to participate.  Note: The purchase orders for your books will be drafted in September and orders placed at the beginning of October. If you have not reviewed our terms, please do so now. All books will be ordered to come through our warehouse by 10/25/2023. 

The day before the Book Fair: 

There will be an Author & Illustrator Meet & Greet on Friday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm.  This is an opportunity for you to meet each other, network, and celebrate the 36th annual Buckeye Book Fair with us. This event is not open to the public. Please register for the MEET & GREET by clicking here.  It will be held at Greystone Event Center. 

Prior to the Buckeye Book Fair:

  • Please announce that you’ll be available at the Book Fair through your publicity channels. 
  • We’ll be using #2023BuckeyeBookFair to share materials. 
  • Please make sure to “like”, comment, and share the materials posted by The Buckeye Book Fair.

Day of the Buckeye Book Fair:

  • Please plan to arrive for the book fair anytime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am to get set up.
  • There will be an Author & Illustrator entrance on the South side of the building closest to the hotel.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments are provided for you and your guest, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.
  • Business casual is the typical dress for the Buckeye Book Fair, Meet & Greet, and other promotional events.
  • We will gather close to the front entrance for a photo at 9:15 am.
  • The Holiday Inn Express is providing a discounted rate of about $10 to BBF Authors. Their address is 128 Riffel Rd, Wooster, OH 44691, and their phone number is (330) 601-1221.  There are additional hotels listed on the FAQs page of our website.

Buckeye Book Fair’s basic setup:

  • Two authors will be seated at a table. (3-4 feet of space this year).  Please do not crowd your table partner by taking more space than half the table.
  • We will order books directly from your publisher(s) and they will be at your table when you arrive.  If you are your publisher, I will send the purchase order to you and you can ship or drop off at our warehouse prior to October 25st. Please be sure to sign these books out at the end of the festival and take them with you.
  • Buckeye Book Fair volunteers handle the sale of all books at our streamlined checkout.
  • Authors will find the book fair to be a busy day signing their books, chatting with attendees, and networking.
  • We will provide a basic pen for you.  Please bring your favorite if you prefer something more specific for signing books.

We encourage authors to bring:

  • Eye-catching or hands-on displays.
  • Promotional items and/or giveaways.
  • A supply of your favorite autographing pens.
  • A backup supply of books (if convenient to do so).  Please do not bring books into our inventory office unless you’ve sold out or we’ve requested you do so. 

At the completion of the festival:

  • You are welcome to purchase your own books at a 40% discount if you need inventory.  Please take the books to a checkout cashier and ask them to do so.  They can invoice you from the tablet.
  • If you have shipped your own books to us, please sign the books back out from the inventory office before leaving. Keep your carbon copy and Buckeye Book Fair will send you a check in 3-6 weeks.
  • Be sure to say goodbye.

Thank you for sending your submission this year.  Every year I come to appreciate your hard work more and more. It has been wonderful to see all of your books and registrations come in! Buckeye Book Fair is a place where authors come to sell their books and book lovers come to buy them. Thank you for your graciousness as I serve the Buckeye Book Fair.  It’s been wonderful to meet several of you and I look forward to meeting more of you! 

The Website will have an overhaul and the complete list will be released in just a few weeks!  More frequently asked questions are answered on our website at  www.BuckeyeBookFair.org, but please contact me if you have questions or if I can assist you with your plans.  I encourage you to take note of our new office address listed below as well. 

I’ll be in touch!  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  It’s going to be a FANTASTIC FALL!