Student Lit Day

Students 9th – 12th

High School Teachers are cordially invited to bring your students and join us for an enriching Literacy Day on Thursday, November 2nd. This engaging event promises to be a unique experience for your students to explore the world of literature and creativity.

The highlight of the day will be an exclusive workshop led by the accomplished author Julie Drew. Hailing from Akron, OH, Julie has a wealth of experience teaching creative writing at The University of Akron for over a decade. Her latest release, the captivating YA trilogy “The Tesla Effect,” follows the journey of 16-year-old Tesla Abbott, whose newfound ability to time travel leads to a world-altering adventure. Don’t miss the chance to hear from Julie and delve into the art of storytelling.

Julie Drew

Julie Drew lives in Akron, OH, where she has taught creative writing at The University of Akron for over 10 years. Her most recent release is a YA trilogy featuring 16-year old Tesla Abbott, whose sudden ability to time travel unmakes the world as she knows it. When her secret is discovered, she must find a way to accept the past and build a future for herself and those she loves–if they can survive the present. You can learn more about The Tesla Effect trilogy and Julie’s other books at and find her on

About her new release…

17-year old Tesla Abbott is not loving high school. She’s a shy math nerd with oddly-colored eyes and an object of pity because her mom died in an unusual car accident–all of which adds up to zero chance of meeting any interesting boys, it seems. When she’s dragged to a college party by her best friend Keisha, however, her world gets turned upside down. Some older guys know Tesla’s name and try to force her outside for a chat; Keisha’s totally hot cousin, Finn, seems to dislike Tesla intensely, though they’ve just met, and she can’t figure out what his problem is; and one of Finn’s roommates turns out to be the lab assistant for Tesla’s dad, a university professor and experimental physicist whose work is top secret. Within 24 hours Tesla’s father is kidnapped, Finn and his friends appear to be involved somehow, and Tesla has to acknowledge the strange abilities she’s always tried to hide because being the weird girl is the worst. But the people she loves are in danger, and it’s up to Tesla and her new friends–the ones she can trust–to figure out what happened to her father, how she might be connected to his top secret work, and to solve the mystery of her parents’ past. In a literal race against time, Tesla must learn what she’s capable of if any of them are to have a future at all.

In addition, attendees will have the exciting opportunity to preview the All-Ohio Buckeye Book Fair, an event that celebrates literature and Ohio authors. It’s a chance to ignite a love for reading and discover the literary gems our state has to offer.

Contact us today to register for the day of inspiration, learning, and exploration.

This literacy program has been made possible because of the generous contribution of the Ohio Arts Council and the strong partnership of Tri-County Educational Service Center and Ohio Alliance for Arts Education. Schools outside of the Tri-County area should contact Andrew Johnson at for more information.