The Buckeye Book Fair is one of Ohio’s foremost literary showcase events that offers extensive statewide publicity and a proven audience of book buyers. This annual author-signing event is a fundraiser for the organization and our literacy outreach.

We look forward to partnering readers with the author’s and stories they need and love.

“Let’s work hard together to make children’s lives better!”

~Donna Collins, Ohio Arts Council

Illustration by Will Hillenbrand

Publishers are welcome to submit new works by Ohio authors or books that are on Ohio topics. Our thirteen-member Steering Committee reviews books on a monthly basis. Authors participate by invitation only. There is no fee for authors to participate; nor does the Buckeye Book Fair provide honoraria or cover travel expenses.

  1. To participate in the November 4-5, 2022 Buckeye Book Fair, the author, illustrator, or photographer is required to meet the following criteria:The author must be an Ohio native, resident, or have a significant tie to Ohio, or have a book on an Ohio topic.
  2. The author’s book(s) must be readily available from the publisher(s) for sale at the November book fair at standard retail terms. Only books from traditional publishers can be accepted. The Buckeye Book Fair does not include self-published, on-demand, or eBook titles.
  3. The author must have a new book published after the previous book fair’s deadline of August 2020; or past book fair authors must have a new book published since their last BBF appearance.

How to Submit

The Buckeye Book Fair Steering Committee has determined that self-published, print-on-demand, and eBook titles cannot be included because submitted titles MUST meet certain qualifications of availability from the publishers.

In order to organize and present our event, trade terms and other conventions of traditional publishing—including professional editing and design—are of utmost priority. Required book industry standard trade terms are 1) Ready-to-ship availability; 2) Retail discounting of at least 40%; and 3) Open lines of full credit and return.

Print-on-Demand Titles

Submitted titles MUST be readily available for immediate shipment from the publishers when orders are placed—we cannot stress how important this is. All books with a barcode on the very last page (facing the back cover) are printed on-demand and some publishers maintain an on-hand supply and some do not.

How Do I Know If I Can Submit My Book?

The Buckeye Book Fair will not refuse any submissions, but we cannot return review copies. Please make sure that your publisher guarantees ready-to-ship availability before you submit your work. If your submission is determined not to meet the book fair qualifications, we will notify you.

Submission specifications:

We are happy to review submitted works for possible inclusion, but because the Steering Committee must familiarize themselves with many books, this review process may take some time to complete. Most invitations are issued to authors who are sought out by the Buckeye Book Fair organizers.

To be considered, mail a review copy of the final book to: Buckeye Book Fair, 3540 Burbank Rd. Suite #133 Wooster, OH 44691.

There is no application to submit with your book, but make sure to provide us with author (or publicist) contact information, including email address, and the author’s Ohio connection, if not an Ohio resident.

The Buckeye Book Fair will not refuse any submissions, but we cannot return review copies.

The absolute deadline for book submission is now August 1st.

The Review Process

If you and your book meet the qualifications, the Buckeye Book Fair Steering Committee will review your book for possible inclusion in the book fair. The Steering Committee uses a number of criteria to evaluate books for inclusion. Some of the qualities the Committee looks for in books include the quality of the work and its printing and design, broad interest appeal, and the price and overall salability of the book.

Since the fair can accommodate fewer authors than requests received for attendance, entrance is competitive and most invitations are issued to authors who are sought out by the book fair organizers. Because we have an exact number of seats to fill, decisions are often delayed while we determine the number of seats available.


Most invitations are issued to authors who are sought out by the Buckeye Book Fair organizers. Our goal is to provide an excellent and diverse product mix of books so that the event is successful and enjoyable for the visitors and the participating authors.

If your book is selected for inclusion, you will be invited to attend the book fair. Invitations are issued on a rolling basis and all invitations will be issued by the end of September.

Self-Published Authors

The Buckeye Book Fair makes every effort to include quality works by Ohio authors, but we receive an overwhelming number of submissions. Each year, the Buckeye Book Fair’s Steering Committee reviews more than 200 submitted titles but can only accommodate fewer authors than requests received for attendance. Most invitations are issued to authors who are sought out by the book fair’s organizers.