The 2022 Books!

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ISBNTitleAuthor NamePrice
978-1736768808James A. Bailey: The Genius Behind the Barnum & Bailey CircusAdams, Gloria G.$21.95
978166592138Quilting a Legacy (The Invincible Girls Club #4)Alpine, Rachele$6.99
1665921390Quilting a Legacy (The Invincible Girls Club #4)Alpine, Rachele$17.99
9781534475397Back to Nature (The Invincible Girls Club #3)Alpine, Rachele$17.99
1534475389Back to Nature (The Invincible Girls Club #3)Alpine, Rachele$6.99
9781534475328Art with Heart: Volume 2 (The Invincible Girls Club)Alpine, Rachele$6.99
1534475338Art with Heart: Volume 2 (The Invincible Girls Club)Alpine, Rachele$17.99
9781534475298Home Sweet Forever Home, 1 (The Invincible Girls Club)Alpine, Rachele$6.99
1534475303Home Sweet Forever Home, 1 (The Invincible Girls Club)Alpine, Rachele$17.99
9781481459846You Throw Like a GirlAlpine, Rachele$8.99
9781534404588Friday Night Stage LightsAlpine, Rachele$8.99
The Adventures of Bubba Jones: Time Traveling Through Grand Canyon National ParkAlt, Jeff$9.99
The Adventures of Bubba Jones: Time Traveling Through Acadia National ParkAlt, Jeff$9.99
The Adventures of Bubba Jones: Time Traveling Through the Great Smoky MountainsAlt, Jeff$9.99
The Adventures of Bubba Jones (#4): Time Traveling Through SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARKAlt, Jeff$9.99
978-1-64549-097-5FlamingosAmstutz, Lisa J.$21.99
9781681526645Flamingos (PB) Spot Big BirdsAmstutz, Lisa J.$9.99
978-1-5846-9673-5Plants Fight BackAmstutz, Lisa J.$8.99
978-1-64160-436-9Mammal ManiaAmstutz, Lisa J.$16.99
978-0807503928Applesauce DayAmstutz, Lisa J.$16.95
978-1623706494Ultimate Guide to GardeningAmstutz, Lisa J.$12.95
978-0-9843088-5-9GARDEN FUN – Hidden Treasures, hidden picture puzzlesBall, Liz$8.95
978-1-64124-037-6HIDDEN PICTURE PUZZLES AT THE ZOOBall, Liz$9.99
978-1-64124-070-3HIDDEN PICTURE PUZZLES IN THE FORESTBall, Liz$9.99
978-1736702307At Home with the Weeds: A MemoirBognar, Baleigh$14.99
978-1-5381-4093-2The Reason We PlayBona, Marc$28.00
9781467146128Hidden History of Cleveland Sports – published June 2021Bona, Marc$21.99
9781944733834 –The Game ChangerBona, Marc$13.95
9781454928706Polar Bear IslandBonilla, Lindsay
9781454946588Polar Bear IslandBonilla, Lindsay$8.99
9781682772867I Love You With All of My HeartsBonilla, Lindsay$19.99
978 1 68437 905 7Full Speed Ahead! America’s First Admiral: David Glasgow FarragutBorden, Louise$18.99
978-0-547-41746-2The Journey That Saved Curious George – The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H. A. ReyBorden, Louise$8.99
978-0544555525Across the Blue Pacific – A WWII storyBorden, Louise$7.99
978-0593307090Buddy’s New Buddy by Christina GeistBowers, Tim$18.99
978-0593434703It’s Better Being a Bunny by Marilyn SadlerBowers, Tim$8.99
978-1449494865Trapped in a Video GameBrady, Dustin$9.99
978-1524871956Escape from a Video Game: The EndgameBrady, Dustin$11.99
978-1524877064Leila & Nugget Mystery: Who Stole Mr. T?Brady, Dustin$8.99
978-1449499556Trapped in a Video Game box setBrady, Dustin$49.00
979-8528456621The Knight of the Short NoseBrittain, C. Dale$9.95
978-1548307790My First KingdomBrittain, C. Dale$28.95
978-1719584593Positively Medieval: Life and Society in the Middle AgesBrittain, C. Dale$16.95
978098400501730 Lessons in Love, Leadership and Legacy from Harriet TubmanBrown, Karol V.$13.89
97988863369007The Harriet Tubman Way, An Inspirational Guide to Self-Love, Empowerment and Legendary Leadership for Girls.Brown, Karol V.$19.99
978-1-7379152-0-1Sisters of the Sweetwater FuryBryan, Kinley$15.99
978-0-936340-31-9Isaly’s Chipped Ham, Klondikes, and other Tales from Behind the CounterButko, Brian$19.99
978-0593372739The More You GiveCampbell, Marcy$18.99
978-0759557420Something GoodCampbell, Marcy$18.99
978-1797201238Rule of ThreesCampbell, Marcy$17.99
978-0735230378Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a HorseCampbell, Marcy$17.99
9781534111202The River that Wolves Moved: A True Tale from YellowstoneCarson, Mary Kay$17.99
9781250230836Outdoor School: Animal WatchingCarson, Mary Kay$14.99
978-1250781055The Hidden oneCastillo, Linda$27.99
9781250142900OutsiderCastillo, Linda$9.99
978-1250142924FallenCastillo, Linda$9.99
9781250161635Sworn to SilenceCastillo, Linda$9.99
978-0-9800481-2-4Sit Down Little Prince! A math story about Carl Friedrich GaussColebank, Jean (with sister )$12.95
9780593097830EVIL UNDER THE TUSCAN SUNCosta, Shelley/Cole, Stephanie$8.99
9780593097816CRIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINARACosta, Shelley/Cole, Stephanie$7.99
9780593097793AL DENTE’S INFERNOCosta, Shelley/Cole, Stephanie$7.99
978-0-310-77085-5*Fiona, Love at the ZooCowdrey, Richard$18.99
978-0-310-75164-9Happy Birthday FionaCowdrey, Richard$12.99
978-0-310-76639-1Fiona the HippoCowdrey, Richard$17.99
978-0-310-77083-1Fiona Helps A FriendCowdrey, Richard$18.99
978-0-06-117114-7Bad Dog, MarleyCowdrey, Richard$17.99
978-0-310-73012-5The Legend of the Candy CaneCowdrey, Richard$15.99
9780578856247Hidden Ohio Map & Guide, 4th editionCraig, Jeff$15.99
9780578856247Map in Black: A Mysterious Map of North AmericaCraig, Jeff$15.99
978-1-937720-65-0Super Tales out of SchoolCrail, Marc$16.95
978-1-937720-74-2WIld Tales out of SchoolCrail, Marc$16.96
9781937720636Tales out of SchoolCrail, Marc$16.97
9781937720643More Tales out of SchoolCrail, Marc$16.98
9781606354292Queen of the Con. From a Spiritualist to the Carnegie ImposterCrowl, Thomas$24.99
978-1641604680Ellis Island and Immigration for KidsDaigneau, Jean$17.99
978-1641601382Code Cracking for KidsDaigneau, Jean$18.99
978-1-736-70300-7Elijah Goes to ClevelandDarden, Mark$17.99
978-1-7282-2028-4Good Night to Your Fantastic Elastic BrainDeak, Ph.D, JoAnn$18.99
978-0-9829938-0-4Your Fantastic Elastic BrainDeak, Ph.D, JoAnn$18.95
978-1-60635-437-7Peatlands of Ohio and the Southern Great Lakes RegionDenny, Guy L.$27.95
9781626728257Science Comics: Rockets: Defying GravityDrozd, Anne and Jerzy$12.99
9781419712302The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation Into the Kennedy AssassinationDrozd, Anne and Jerzy$17.95
978-1-629221-36-6Pursuing John Brown: On the Trail of a Radical AbolitionistDyer, Joyce$40.00
1-884836-99-2Gum-Dipped: A Daughter Remembers Rubber TownDyer, Joyce$19.95
978-1-931968-70-6Goosetown: Reconstructing an Akron NeighborhoodDyer, Joyce$17.95
1682632210Boo StewEbbeler, Jeffrey$17.99
0823450171Kraken Me UpEbbeler, Jeffrey$14.99
978-1-936607-90-7Wolves Aren’t WelcomeEbbeler, Jeffrey$18.99
978-1728239941The Unplanned Life of Josie HaleEding, Stephanie$15.99
9781496736659Death by Spiced ChaiErickson, Alex$8.99
9781496721150Death by Hot Apple CiderErickson, Alex$8.99
978-1496731715Dial ‘M’ for Maine CoonErickson, Alex$8.99
978-1542039895BlackoutFlanagan, Erin$15.95
978-1496226815Deer SeasonFlanagan, Erin$21.95
978-0593336946Because I Could Not Stop for DeathFlower, Amanda$17.00
978-1496734617Peanut Butter PanicFlower, Amanda$8.99
978-1492699941Put Out to PastureFlower, Amanda
978-1493066957The Cleveland Browns All-Time All-Stars: The Best Players at Each Position for the BrownsGordon, Roger$19.95
978-1606353646Blanton’s Browns: The Great 1965-69 Cleveland BrownsGordon, Roger$19.95
978-1606352779The Miracle of Richfield: The Story of the 1975-76 Cleveland CavaliersGordon, Roger$19.95
0593202678Moon CampGott, Barry$17.99
1728419204Dino-EasterGott, Barry$17.99
1512403180Dino-ThanksgivingGott, Barry$17.95
9781728257990Little Yellow BusGuendelsberger, Erin$17.99
9781728254487Little Blue BunnyGuendelsberger, Erin$17.99
9781728223551Little Red SleighGuendelsberger, Erin$17.99
978-0-8040-1243-0Alone in the House of My HeartGunter-Seymour, Kari$17.95
978-1-7329406-8-0A Place So Deep Inside America It Can’t Be SeenGunter-Seymour, Kari
978-1-64092-949-4ServingGunter-Seymour, Kari$7.00
1540251454HBHistoric Tales of Medina County, OhioHambley, PhD, Stephen D$43.99
Mammals of OhioHarder, John D.$39.95
9781639801039Steel Valley ElegyHeath, William
9780806157504William Wells and the Struggle for the Old NorthwestHeath, William
1571310126The Children Bob Moses LedHeath, William
9 780804 012355Secure the ShadowHenson, Michael$22.95
9 780804 012010Maggie BoylanHenson, Michael$18.95
1982177578Dream OnHockman, Angie$16.99
9781982151591ShippedHockman, Angie$16.00
978-1789140798Shapeshifters: A HistoryKachuba, John$22.50
9781578604913PB Ghosthunting Ohio: On the Road AgainKachuba, John$17.95
9781578605958HB Ghosthunting Ohio: On the Road AgainKachuba, John$34.95
978-0-8214-2473-5Common Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of Ohio
A Visual Guide
Klips, Robert$29.95
9798793306287Some Birds Nest in Broken BranchesKnott, Kip$11.44
9781954353596Clean Coal BurnKnott, Kip$18.16
9781952326189Tragedy, Ecstasy, Doom, and so onKnott, Kip$18.50
1467145394Lake Erie: Murder and MayhemKoile, Wendy$21.99
1540212653Disaster of Ohio’s Lake Erie IslandsKoile, Wendy$19.99
1626192405Legends and Lost Treasures of Northern OhioKoile, Wendy$19.99
978-1-5387-3627-2Sea Glass SummerLiasson, Miranda$15.99
978-1-64937-027-3THE SWEETHEART DEALLiasson, Miranda$8.99
978-1-4555-4185-0ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOULiasson, Miranda$8.99
9780063139183REMARKABLY RUBYLibenson, Terri$13.99
9780062894564Truly TylerLibenson, Terri$12.99
9780062484932Invisible EmmieLibenson, Terri$12.99
978-1728238654Pleading the FishLindsey, Julie Anne/Baker, Bree$8.99
9781492664758Live and Let ChaiLindsey, Julie Anne/Baker, Bree$8.99
978-1335489586To Catch A KillerLindsey, Julie Anne/Baker, Bree$8.99
‎ 978-0593201589Murder of a Mail-Order Bride (author, Mimi Granger)Granger, Mimi$8.99
978-0593201565Death of a Red-Hot RancherGranger, Mimi$7.99
978-1250768636A Trail of LiesLogan, Kylie$26.99
978-1942078609Snowed Under Murder – a Sierra Pine B&B mysteryLong, Kathryn (wants to sit by Julie Lindsay and Jane Turzillo$15.95
978-1639101047Kill Them With Canvas – a Paint by Murder mysteryLong, Kathryn (wants to sit by Julie Lindsay and Jane Turzillo$29.99
‎ 978-1603817301Boarding With Murder – a Sierra Pines B&B mysteryLong, Kathryn (wants to sit by Julie Lindsay and Jane Turzillo$15.95
9780821424728Victory on Two FrontsLongert, Scott H.$24.95
9780821424193Cy Young: An American Baseball HeroLongert, Scott H.$15.95
9780821423806Bad Boys, Bad TimesLongert, Scott H.$24.95
978-0-593-43352-2My Little Golden Book About Betty WhiteLucas, Margeaux$5.99
978-0-593-17280-3My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader GinsbugLucas, Margeaux$5.99
978-1534111387The Peach Pit ParadeLucas, Margeaux$17.99
166633216xThe Rainbow MysteryLyon, Tammie$5.95
1666332285The Birthday Party MysteryLyon, Tammie$5.95
1666332100The Mystery of the Snow PuppyLyon, Tammie$5.95
1666332224The Mystery of the Stinky, Spooky Night (Katie Woo and Pedro Mysteries)Lyon, Tammie$5.95
9781496454386A Child’s First Bedtime Prayers: 25 Heart-to-Heart Talks with Jesus; also Sleepyhead Prayers; and Thanks for Little ThingsMackall, Dandi Daley$7.99
978-1496451200A Child’s First Bible Learn with Me Set with Carrying CaseMackall, Dandi Daley$19.99
1496434196WINNIE THE HORSE GENTLER BARN BOXED SETMackall, Dandi Daley$32.99
Mackall, Dandi Daley$5.99
HORSE GENTLER IN TRAINING: Winnie the Early YearsMackall, Dandi Daley$5.99
978-0842387231FRIENDLY FOAL: Winnie the Horse GentlerMackall, Dandi Daley$6.99
1414312709WILD CATMackall, Dandi Daley$5.99
With Love Wherever You AreMackall, Dandi Daley
978-1-9848-3189-7Those Are Not My Underpants!Martin, Melissa$17.99
978-1952210563Murder Out of Character: A Peach Coast Library Mystery, Book 2Matthews, Olivia$15.99
978-1952210129Murder by Page One: A Peach Coast Library Mystery, Book 1Matthews, Olivia$15.99
978-1665903431Annette Feels Free: The True Story of Annette Kellerman, World-Class Swimmer, Fashion Pioneer,Mazeika, Katie$18.99
978-1623542771Chicken Soup for the Soul BABIES: Everyone Says Please (Except Cat)Mazeika, Katie$8.99
978-1623542764Chicken Soup for the Soul BABIES: Everyone Shares (Except Cat): A Book About SharingMazeika, Katie$8.99
979-8553372248Into My Father’s EmbraceMcNaull, Debbie$9.00
1467150843The Reverse Underground Railroad in OhioMeyers, David & Meyers Walker, Elise$21.99
1467147532A Murder in Amish Ohio: The Martyrdom of Paul CoblenzMeyers, David & Meyers Walker, Elise$21.99
1467144185Historic Black Settlements of OhioMeyers, David & Meyers Walker, Elise$23.99
978-1-4766-8849-7With George Washington in the Wilderness: The Frontier Life of Christopher GistMisencik, Paul R. & Sally E.$20.00
978-1-4766-7997-6American Indians of the Ohio Country in the 18th CenturyMisencik, Paul R. & Sally E.$15.00
978-1-63592-513-5My Name is BilalMobin-Uddin, Asma$9.99
978-1-63592-569-2The Best Eid EverMobin-Uddin, Asma$9.99
978-1-629-79-847-9A Party in RamadanMobin-Uddin, Asma$9.99
978-1250623423The EchoesMontgomery, Jess$27.99
978-1250223203The WidowsMontgomery, Jess$9.99
978-1250781697The HollowsMontgomery, Jess$17.99
9781250623409The StillsMontgomery, Jess27,99
978-1948598422Postcards from the BorderlandsMould, David H.$21.95
978-0-8214-2371-4Monsoon Postcards: Indian Ocean JourneysMould, David H.$27.95
978-0-8214-2177-2Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central AsiaMould, David H.$24.95
9781789145250Coconut: A Global HistoryNewman,Mary$19.95
9781780236384Edible Flowers: A Global HistoryNewman,Mary$19.95
1523504552Make Noise: A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio StorytellingNuzum, Eric$18.95
9780385342438Giving Up the Ghost: A Story About Friendship, 80s Rock, a Lost Scrap of Paper, and What It Means to Be HauntedNuzum, Eric$15.00
9780312386177The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count ChoculaNuzum, Eric$19.99
978-1-6657-0523-3Here with the WinterPenrod Scott, J.$14.99
978-1682011140Lost Little SisterPrelee, Michael$16.00
978-1682010631Murder in the Heart of It AllPrelee, Michael$15.00
978-0063092075ROAR! I’m a DinosaurRainey, Merrill$8.99
978-0063092082OINK! I’m A PigRainey, Merrill$8.99
978-1250262639Color, Cut, Create • Dinosaur WorldRainey, Merrill$12.95
9781250262646Color, Cut, Create Play Sets: Horse RanchRainey, Merrill$12.95
978-1949248-623The Legends Volume II: Ohio State Buckeyes; The Men, The Deeds, The ConsequencesRea, Mark$24.00
978-1939710-109The Legends: Ohio State Buckeyes; The Men, The Deeds, The ConsequencesRea, Mark$22.00
978-1250113818True Crime AddictRenner, James$18.00
‎978-1250024169The Man from Primrose LaneRenner, James$21.00
9781728215785Seven Dirty SecretsRichards, Natalie$10.99
9781492657217Five Total StrangersRichards, Natalie$10.99
9781492657187What You HideRichards, Natalie$10.99
978-1-970063-97-4One Heart with Courage: Essays and StoriesRizvi, Teri$19.99
978-0-578-99379-9Sisters! Bonded by Love and LaugherRizvi, Teri$19.99
9780691175614Princeton Field Guide Spiders of North AmericaRose, Sarah$35.00
9781467147217Lost Cincinnati Concert Venues of the ’50s and ’60s: From the Surf Club to Ludlow GarageRosen, Steven$21.95
9780262046725Astroquizzical: The Illustrated EditionScudder, Dr. Jillian$29.95
979-8458074070Morsels of PurpleSiddiqui Chansarkar, Sara
9798834961567Skin Over MilkSiddiqui Chansarkar, Sara
978-1534497993Molly and the MachineSlangerup, Erik Jon$17.99
9780399168413AlphabedtimeSnyder, Betsy$17.99
9780375843969Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger?Snyder, Betsy$9.99
9780375843952Haiku BabySnyder, Betsy$6.99
The Many Lives of Eddie RickenbackerSpeno, Andrew
978-0-8234-5099-2Looking for TrueSpringstubb, Tricia$18.99
978-0062112941Moonpenny IslandSpringstubb, Tricia$6.99
978-0-8234-4757-2The Most Perfect Thing in the UniverseSpringstubb, Tricia$17.99
978-1-58985-242-6Story Monsters Among Us (A Brief History of Human Storytelling)Storad, Conrad J.$14.95
978-1-58985-211-1Rattlesnake RulesStorad, Conrad J.$7.95
978-1-89179566-4The Bat BookStorad, Conrad J.$8.95
978-1250241641The Next Thing You KnowStrawser, Jessica$27.99
978-1250620484A Million Reasons WhyStrawser, Jessica$17.99
978-1250107893Not That I Could TellStrawser, Jessica$16.99
9781737290001The Cloud FactoryStutzman, Paul$16.99
9780999887424Don’t Wait Too LongStutzman, Paul$14.99
9780999887486The Miracle JourneyStutzman, Paul$14.99
Make Every Move a Meditation: Mindful Movement for Mental Health, Well-Being, and InsightSweeney, Nita$18.99
Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought me Back from the BrinkSweeney, Nita$18.99
You Should Be Writing: A Journal of Inspiration & Instruction to Keep Your Pen MovingSweeney, Nita$15.95
9781467150248Wicked ClevelandTurzillo, Jane Ann$21.99
9781467145565Ohio Heists: Historic Bank HoldUps, Train Robberies, Jewel Stings and MoreTurzillo, Jane Ann$21.99
9781467138260Wicked Women of OhioTurzillo, Jane Ann$23.99
978-0823450114Nothing Is LittleVan Vleet, Carmella$18.99
978-0823438785Eliza Bing Is (Not) A Big Fat QuitterVan Vleet, Carmella$7.99
978-0823444304Eliza Bing Is (Not) A StarVan Vleet, Carmella$7.99
978-0593336205Soul of a KillerVandiver, Abby L.$8.99
978-0593099704A Killer SundaeVandiver, Abby L.$16.99
978059336175Body and Soul FoodVandiver, Abby L./Abby Collette$8.99
978-1542031219Where Wild Peaches GrowVandiver, Abby L.
9798811487363Soldier’s Heart: An Evin Walker ThrillerVoyles, Vance$16.99
9781250774651In the Middle of Hickory LaneWebber, Heather$26.99
9781250774644The Lights of Sugarberry CoveWebber, Heather$16.99
9781250198587South of the Buttonwood TreeWebber, Heather$16.99
978-0-8040-1153-2Fourth Down And OutWelsh-Huggins, Andrew
978-0-8040-1232-4An Empty GraveWelsh-Huggins, Andrew
978-1-6177-5765-5Columbus NoirWelsh-Huggins, Andrew
978-0063018686Children of RagnarokWilliams Chima, Cinda$18.99
9780062380951FlamecasterWilliams Chima, Cinda$10.99
9781423121367The Demon KingWilliams Chima, Cinda$11.99
978-1-62922-148-9“No Man Knows This Country Better”: The Frontier Life of John GibsonWilliams, Gary S.$60.00
9781450412537Hiking OhioWilliams, Gary S.$22.95
9798450656151So. Long.: Unfinished Good-byes with the Children of COVID-19Woods-Spikes, Donte$16.99
9781665912327TANGLED UP IN NONSENSEWyatt, Merrill$17.99
9781534495791TANGLED UP IN LUCKWyatt, Merrill$17.99
9780316471572ERNESTINE, CATASTROPHE QUEENWyatt, Merrill$13.99
978-0578379173Eli – The Phenom’s StoryZimmerman, Mark$15.99
9781598511253Ten Ohio DisastersZurcher, Neil$15.95
9781938441868Best of One Tank TripsZurcher, Neil$16.95
9781598510485Strange Tales from OhioZurcher, Neil$15.95
978-1598510478Odd OdditiesZurcher, Neil$15.95
9781780296265Island of Last ResortEllis, Mary$17.95
9780727891006100 Proof MurderEllis, Mary$28.99